Information Security

Information about this web siteI've been concentrating on all aspects of computer and network information security.

I audit network servers to make sure that they protect information from those that don't need it, while giving appropriate access to those that do need it.

I audit workstations to ensure proper configuration. I make sure they get needed patches and updates with Windows Update Server, and ensure protection against malware and spyware with enterprise-class products from McAfee/Network Associates and TrendMicro.

I've written dozens of customized scripts to audit workstations and servers. And I know computer forensic techniques, and how to best clean malware and spyware from workstations and servers.

I can manage mail filtering and web filtering solutions with my experience with Websense products. I managed the mail filtering system that blocked over 600,000 messages a day -- 90%+ of incoming mail. I ensured that employees keep productive (and the legal department keeps being bored) by protecting them from inappropriate web sites through enterprise web filtering software from Websense.

I have managed Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. I have written dozens of specialized scripts to check and configure systems. I have created customized self-installing programs, and know how to remotely support users. I've worked with VPN systems that allow users to access systems from remote locations.

And I know applications. From Microsoft Office (all versions) to mail systems to Internet pages.

These 23-plus years of experience can work for your company. My experience can protect your company's network, and help your users be productive.